December 1, 2014

Georgia Appleseed Center for Law & Justice

GA Appleseed: Justice at Our Core

A Powerful Voice for the Marginalized

Georgia Appleseed seeks a Georgia where the voices of the poor, the children and the marginalized are heard and where injustices that no one should endure are resolved.

Good Thinking began work for Georgia Appleseed Center for Law & Justice in the fall of 2014. Georgia Appleseed has accomplished vast changes to social policy and Georgia law with only five full-time staff members by bringing together the knowledge and talents of scores of volunteers including lawyers and other social welfare professionals who work pro bono on all of its projects.

This volunteer expertise has led to enduring, intelligent, concrete changes in juvenile justice, reductions in juvenile suspension rates and keeping kids out of the “school to prison pipeline.” This work and other initiative has led to better laws Georgia that better serve the people of Georgia and the support of politicians across the political spectrum.

Good Thinking has completed a new brand identity, tagline, website, brand standards guide, and a 10th anniversary film that was unveiled at the organization’s annual Good Apple Awards program in April 2015. All of work was unveiled at the event.

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