October 20, 2014

City of Refuge

City of Refuge: Where Good Works

A Place of Hope

The City of Refuge is 25-year-old organization dedicated that provides more than 11 unique social services to some of the most disadvantage populations in Metro Atlanta. Their six-acre campus two miles west of the Georgia Dome is statistically the most crime-plagued neighborhood in Georgia. But the City of Refuge is an oasis of hope there, and one its neighbors revere, trust and protect.

Good Thinking rebranded City of Refuge with a new identity (mark and logotype), website, original photography, donor experience,  messaging, print brochure and graphic standards guidelines. Volunteers also created a short film about the organization. We also provided them a new brand tag: Where Good Works. Based upon an industry standard rate of $150 per hour, the value of the talent and time donate to this project has an estimated fair market value of $150,000.

Category: Branding, Collateral, Photography, Web