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ARMHC: Let’s Build a New House

ARMHC: A New Sanctuary for Families in Pain Since 1979 Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities (ARMHC) has provided sanctuary to more than 40,000 families from across the Southeast. These families are attending to the needs of their ill and injured …

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GreenLaw: A Safer, Cleaner Georgia

Giving the Environment Its Day In Court GreenLaw is one of two Georgia nonprofit law firms fighting to protect the state’s environmental health and future. A summer-long collaboration with Good Thinking launched Oct. 21, 2014 with an integrated public information campaign …

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City of Refuge: Where Good Works

A Place of Hope The City of Refuge is 25-year-old organization dedicated that provides more than 11 unique social services to some of the most disadvantage populations in Metro Atlanta. Their six-acre campus two miles west of the Georgia Dome …

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SCHR: The Fight for Equal Protection

Leading the Cause of Social Justice Southern Center for Human Rights (SCHR) is a 40-year-old nonprofit law firm and advocacy organization representing individuals in the cause of social justice. Among its areas of focus are unfair sentencing, inmate rights and death …

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Dreamers: A Promise to Children

Keeping a Long Term Promise In 2001, 60 second graders at A.D. Williams Elementary School were “adopted” by two local churches to mentored and supported throughout their primary and secondary education. Though their original school closed and the student dispersed to …

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Let’s start by adding compassion and kindness and see where that takes us.

Matthew Rollins, Creative Director/Partner Iconologic/Atlanta

About Us

Who We Are


Proven Process

Strategic. Creative. Effective.

Our process allows Good Thinking volunteers and stipend-paid alumni to maximize their skills and not waste precious time or money. Our process is simple:

  • Define the communications objective through research and audits.
  • Define the client’s target audiences.
  • Develop written and visual stories and messages that resonate with those audiences.
  • Define the communications media to amplify those messages.
  • Write a Creative Brief that defines objectives, scope and costs.
  • Develop and implement the strategies with the appropriate tools with a defined schedule.
  • Launch the new communications package to achieve the greatest impact.
  • Draft a Communications Plan that will maintain brand clarity, unity and affordable transmission for years to come.

Enduring Impact

Make It Count

Good Thinking has two goals: First, to make an enduring, positive social impact;and second, to demonstrate the power of professional creative communications.

To accomplish these goals, we offer our services either pro bono or quid pro quo through a steep discount. We conduct our work through clear strategies, defined goals, and a finite deliverables that can be accomplished within two to four months.

We define the challenge and recommend the most cost-effective solution. We do not permit scope creep. We insist the client be at the table to make decisions in order to keep the project on- target and schedule. If a someone needs final approval, he or she must attend meetings. No exceptions. We aim to serve, but we insist on full participation in the process.

To date, we have served these respected nonprofit organizations: City of Refuge, Southern Center for Human Rights, Atlanta Ronald McDonald House Charities, GreenLaw and Georgia Appleseed Center for Law. We welcome volunteers from across the creative spectrum. We invite executive directors of any Georgia nonprofit serving the social justice or social welfare of Georgians to contact us to determine if what we do can work for your organization.


Force Multiplier

We Are a Force Multiplier

Good Thinking helps other nonprofits better do what they do with effective communications strategies and tools.

Too many nonprofit organizations make communication of their goals, accomplishments and services secondary to the work they do. We believe nonprofits live or die by the effectiveness of their ability to communicate their work with volunteers, donors, advocates and, mostly, those whom they endeavor to change through persuasion and alternative solutions. All nonprofits need professional communications services. But few can afford it. Good Thinking addresses the need with a financially affordable model.

We recruit volunteers across the creative spectrum (graphic design, advertising, photography, illustration, animation, film production, music, web design, copy writing, etc.) and apply the experience, skills and talent to defined project needs. We offer our services pro bono or at a steep discount. In either case, we give our clients a tremendous return on their investment of time, trust and/or money.

Good Thinking is a force multiplier and we believe design can change anything. And we prove it.

Our Purpose

Goals & Qualifications



Do Rewarding Work

Good Thinking projects make a direct, enduring impact on our community because we help other nonprofits better do what they do. But your Good Thinking experience may also benefit your personally. Your contribution will be valued. Your dedication will be required.

Your passion will be rewarded. It can lead to personal and professional growth. It can lead to collaborations on new projects with your new Good Thinking friends and associates. And it can lead to future paid client assignments from Good Thinking. If you have the determination, skill and heart for our work, the possibilities for rewards are limitless.



Building Networks for Good

People join Good Thinking to give back to our community. But they also come to build their professional connections and gain new experiences. The benefits you receive depend upon your level of commitment and engagement with Good Thinking leaders, peers and the clients we serve.

Good Thinking volunteers gain access to a growing network of Good Thinking alumni team members and opportunities for new collaboration and education. They more you put into your Good Thinking experience, the more you will get in return: new friendships, new experiences and opportunities for growth.



Volunteer Qualifications

Are you a talented story teller? We need you. Good Thinking seeks those with written, verbal and visual skills from the world of advertising, branding, graphic design, film, motion graphics, photography, illustration, animation, web development, copy writing, content management and, really, all the visual arts. We have one requirement of our volunteers: we need doers. We are equals and we learn from each other, no matter your age or level of experience. Interested? Please contact us.

Client Qualifications

Good Thinking seeks qualified nonprofits working in the area of social welfare services and social justice to improve the lives of citizens across Georgia, especially Metro Atlanta. Below are the qualities we look for in client partners:

  1. At least a five year track record of performance in social welfare or justice.
  2. An engaged and respected board of directors.
  3. A full-time staff of at least three.
  4. The financial means to produce the work we recommend.
  5. A willingness to pay a sliding-scale fee for the work Good Thinking undertakes, or …
  6. A commitment to seek from your benefactors a donation to Good Thinking to help us continue our work in the future.

We do not recommend work you cannot afford to produce. We do not require a financial contribution from the creative time we donate. But your project is funded in part by past donations to our organization. Your organization is encourage to “pay it forward” by supporting us at a level you can afford.

If you meet these qualifications, we want to meet you: Email us.

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