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Southern Center for Human Rights

Founded in 1976 in response to the Supreme Court’s reinstatement of the death penalty that year and to the horrendous conditions in Southern prisons and jails, The Southern Center of Human Rights is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to …

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City of Refuge

City of Refuge provides numerous social services to residents in one of Atlanta’s most crime and poverty-ridden neighborhoods, restoring individuals to personal transformation and independence. Donations were down, messages were muddled or buried. The online user experience was confusing. Consequently, …

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I Have A Dream Foundation

In 2001 the church communities of Ebenezer Baptist and Saint Luke’s Episcopal “adopted” 60 second graders with the promise to guide them through high school graduation. Ten years later AD Williams Elementary no longer existed and those children had been …

“Let’s start by adding compassion and kindness and see where that takes us.”

Matt Rollins, Partner, Iconologic of Atlanta

About Us

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About Us


Good Thinking Inc. provides talent, time and expertise to qualified Atlanta nonprofit social service organizations. Our vision is to help client organizations meet their goals through better communication.  Our mission is to achieve that through strategies, tactics and tools that make meaningful connections between clients and their audiences. The impact  we desire is lasting, positive social change.

Our services are pro bono (“for the good”) but not “for free.” We seek relationships between volunteers and nonprofit clients that are balanced, respectful and reciprocal. Our volunteers gain personal and professional rewards. Clients gain communications tools that connect them with their target audiences. Our volunteers give their best and our clients value our work.

Good Thinking needs financial support. We ask clients to help us help them, by leading us to sponsors within their networks or by making a small contribution to our organization. This support is a request, not a prerequisite.

Our volunteers have expertise in every creative discipline, including advertising, graphic design, motion graphics, web design, print design, environmental design, illustration, photography, film-making and writing. Good Thinking leadership ensures volunteers enjoy a rewarding experience, a smooth process and a finished product worthy of national acclaim.

Our process is proven and effective. After accepting a project, we write a creative brief to define challenge, approach and scope. Next, we develop strategy and tactics to meet the challenge. Then we execute. We hold team meet ups each Monday night for ten straight, except holidays. We share daily on Basecamp. At the conclusion of your project, we honor everyone involved. The process takes about 90 days.

We provide a creative brief that defines the challenge, approach and scope. This allows us to identify the skills needed to meet goals. The brief includes an estimate for the fair market value of our time that clients can use to demonstrate to their benefactors the value of Good Thinking’s contribution.

Good Thinking project meetings are conducted via Basecamp and once a week meeting where we share ideas, show progress and gather feedback. To keep the process moving, a client representative or executive is required to follow our progress on our Basecamp worksite and to attend weekly meetings. This person must provide any information needed and have authority to make decisions at any stage of the process.

At the successful conclusion of each project we celebrate — cook outs, bowling parties, ball games, you name it — to thank all who were involved. Spouses and partners are invited to join. Good Thinking also enters finished work in award shows and annuals with credit by name. This honors volunteers and promotes their work.



About Us


Good Thinking offers much to volunteers, host studios, nonprofit partners and project sponsors. Volunteers expand their skills, grow their networks and perform meaningful service. Nonprofits gain effective communication tools they might not otherwise be able to afford. Project host agencies/studios meet talent and potential new business partners. Project sponsors help provide their favorite nonprofits  communication tools that are worth 10x their donation to Good Thinking.

The quality of the volunteer experience lies at the heart of our mission. We know you can give your talents to any organization. We want you choose Good Thinking because we believe we can help you can expand your personal horizons and professional opportunities by meeting talented kindred peers and engage with service organizations and their supporters from the philanthropic, civic and business communities. Your Good Thinking experience should enhance you personally and professionally with new friendships and contacts and work that you are proud of.

Nonprofit Organizations
Good Thinking provides communications strategies, tactics and tools equal in quality to the services your organization provides. We can transform your organization through more effective communication tools such as brand identities, brochures, websites and other digital media that will liberate you to focus on what you do best: helping your clients.

Everyone wants to help deserving nonprofits but no one can help everyone that asks for your help. Good Thinking can help. We let host studios/agencies help more and project sponsors gain valuable ROI on their nonprofit donations.  We provide the creative team, hosts provide the creative leadership, and donors enjoy a 10X ROI  on their investment. Contact us to become a Good Thinking host or sponsor.

Efficient, Rewarding Process
Good Thinking projects rallies last approximately 90 days from creative brief to conclusion. Projects move fast and require dedication, determination and focus. Team work is exercised at every level — from creative director to volunteer teams to client. The pace is part of the fun — and challenge. When you give a lot, you receive much more in return. Engage. Enjoy. Repeat.



About Us


Doers Not Divas
As one creative director said, “We need doers, not divas.” Every project demands different skill sets. We seek experienced individuals of all ages and creative backgrounds including writers and art directors, print, interactive and logo designers, photographers, videographers, filmmakers, film editors, illustrators, copywriters and proofreaders, strategists, social media experts and project managers.

Qualified Nonprofits Welcome
We invest in proven organizations. Good Thinking provides creative service to qualified nonprofits (501(c)3) providing social services to metro Atlanta families. Your organization must be registered with GuideStar (or equivalent) and must be in operation for at least five years with 3+ full time staff. Nonprofits are responsible for any approved expense including printing, paper, web hosting, web programming or any creative assets such as stock photography, original artwork or software.

Project Sponsors Welcome
Good Thinking seeks project sponsors whose social benefit and philanthropic interests align with our own. Most sponsors meet us through the nonprofits we serve. Sponsor requests are 10% of the total estimate provided at the beginning of each project. That means an ROI of 10x every dollar they contribute.

Let’s Talk
Let’s sit down and discuss your philanthropic interests and your social benefit focus. Let’s discuss your organization’s service, messages, audiences and goals. Volunteers, use the online application form here to tell us about your experience, skills and interests. Contact Matthew Porter at matt@porterwrite.com or Carol Vick at carol@carolvick.org for more information.


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Good Thinking is a nonprofit creative service provider located in Atlanta, GA. We design brands and communication tools that create meaningful connections between our clients and the people who they care about most. We believe who you are, the story you tell, the experiences you provide  and the words and images you use to describe them are vitally important. We help you tell those stories through images and words using many creative disciplines and media.

Creative Strategy
Brand Identity
Web Design
Print Design
Interactive Design
Photography, Film & Video
Content Strategy
Editorial Content

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